January 15, 2019

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Join us May 4-8, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona and learn business and leadership strategies to “Set the Stage for What’s Next.” We’ve designed an exciting agenda to help you: manage new generations in the workplace; gain digital marketing hacks and insight on tech tools; reduce corporate and individual tax expenses; maximize the value of your business and more!

MHEDA-NET: Live! Is a new networking event for both MHEDA-NET members & MHEDA members designed to maximize industry connections. Meet face-to-face with other MHEDA-NET Members and participate in an interactive and unique networking experience with fellow Material Handling Professionals.

East Penn Manufacturing Co.,
RICO Equipment, Inc.
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MHEDA extends its condolences to the friends and family of Gregory Poole Jr., who passed away on December 29, 2018. Greg went to work for Gregory Poole Equipment Company, which his father founded, in 1951 before becoming President and CEO in 1964. He retired in 1998. He will be missed by all who knew him.

MHEDA is proud to announce that National Lift Truck, Inc., Franklin Park, IL has received the 2019 MVP Award for the 6th consecutive year. “We at National Lift Truck feel very dignified to receive our 6th MVP award from a leading industry organization like MHEDA and we are proud to be continuously considered as one of the best in this field. My gratitude goes to the entire National Lift Truck team which contributed to this honor.” Tom Smith, General Manager.

MHEDA is proud to announce that Cascade Corporation, Portland, OR has received the 2019 MVS Award for the 4th consecutive year. According to Pete Drake, Sr VP Operations of Cascade, "we are committed to ensure the highest quality products and complete customer satisfaction, while continuing to empower our employees and make a positive impact on our community. It is an honor to be recognized by MHEDA for these commitments and we are proud to receive their Most Valuable Supplier award for the 4th consecutive year.”

UNEX Manufacturing, Inc. announced that Brian C. Neuwirth was promoted to President of the company starting January 1, 2019. After 42 years as President, Brian Neuwirth will become the Chairman of the Board, allowing Brian C. Neuwirth to handle the day-to-day management of the business. Brian is a third-generation owner of UNEX, falling in the footsteps of his father, Mark, uncle, Brian, and grandfather, Frank. published a 2018 year in review titled "A Year of Strong Growth - And Rising Tensions." When the final figures are tallied, 2018 is expected to be a record year for forklift sales – bigger even than 2017, when global sales reached 1.334 million units. China has been a significant contributor – both as a producer, but also as a huge market, accounting for 500,000 units in the first 10 months of 2018, according to industry reports.

JT Bates Insurance Group, a national risk management company, announced a major rebranding to better communicate company values and position the company for expansion and international growth.

MHEDA exists to be your industry resource in all facets of your organization. We know that the amount of resources and information available can be overwhelming. Get yourself and your team engaged with MHEDA by setting up a visit with Katie Richards, MHEDA's Member Engagement Specialist. 

There is a set of skills that every leader, go-getter, and influencer needs to have in order to drive their business forward. Knowing how to effectively, skillfully, and persuasively lead a conversation at home, at work, or in your own mind, is one of those skills. To help you hone this skill, MHEDA has partnered with keynote speaker, author, trainer and business strategist AmyK for The Power of Profitable Conversations.   This program will help you navigate those tough conversations in all aspects of your life. Discount Available for MHEDA Members

Avoid Lost Time if Something Falls
Imagine this scenario in your warehouse: an employee is walking alongside an active walkway behind a large pallet rack filled with inventory. Then someone from the maintenance area accidentally pushes inventory through the pallet rack and causes an injury. This is something that can easily and affordably be prevented with WireCrafters RackBack® safety panels.
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Discouraged about leaving yet another voice mail? You’re not alone. Learn how leaving an effective voicemail has changed over the years with Mike Brooks, author of the bestselling book, Power Phone Scripts.

In this webinar, you will hear how two dealerships (CMH Services and RMH Systems) created a business environment that attracted top level talent while significantly reducing turnover. 

Registration for the 2019 University of Innovative Distribution (UID) program is now open. Use the link below to review courses and register online. At the conclusion of the program, all attendees will receive an official Letter of Completion issued by the Purdue University awarding 30 hours for satisfactory completion of this four-day UID Program.

A Member only resource designed to provide you with a modern way to enhance your professional career development and track your learning progress.  Enjoy affordable access to four modes of training in one convenient location. To make the most of your purchases, allow MHEDA to host a Lunch & Learn for your team and dive into a course and quiz of your choosing. 

Hawker Powersource, Inc.
Kinetic Technologies,Inc.

By Liz Richards

I’ll let you in on a secret. When MHEDA first contemplated starting a Women in Industry initiative, I was against it. A number of years ago, an association colleague (male) contacted me to ask my opinion about whether or not I would join a “Women’s” industry group and I immediately said no. I told him I would not want to be singled out for being female and wanted to be perceived on equal footing, as a businessperson like any of my male counterparts and not considered “different” because of my gender.

Why is ResinDek® Flooring Now Available with a Steel Finish?
Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC
"We were challenged by a customer to develop a surface 'as strong as steel' that could deliver iron clad resistance to the harshest, most abusive environments," explained Greg Doppler, Founder and President of Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products. "These include areas of extremely high traffic whose floors aren't regularly cleaned, and those utilizing autonomous vehicles." ResinDek® with MetaGard® is the perfect flooring solution for drop zones, heavy wear areas, and robotic applications.
To learn more click here
Sales Success Story

A.T. Emery, North Louisiana Sales Manager at Nelson Equipment Company, had been calling on Mid South Extrusion as a customer for nearly three years without any luck. When the plastics distributor needed a panel replaced on their 20-year-old modular building, Emery finally got his shot.

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The First quarter issue of The MHEDA Journal is online now. This is the Forecast Issue, which features economics forecasts from MHEDA distributors, suppliers, MHI, ITA, CEMA and ITR Economics. This issue also is an introduction to the new MHEDA Board of Directors ands MBOA. All of this and much more in the latest issue of The MHEDA Journal

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Join MHEDA & MHI for an afternoon of education, discussion and networking for women in our industry, on April 8, 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm in Room S 102 BC.

Relax, charge up and connect with your fellow members at MHEDA's Booth, Booth # 2938, during ProMat 2019. Join us Tuesday, April 9 for an informal networking reception for MHEDA members and prospective members from 4:30-6pm in Room S 102 BC. Please RSVP if you plan on attending.

ProMat is where you’ll find the wow you need to transform your supply chain into a competitive advantage. You’ll find 900+ exhibits and 100+ education sessions tailored to help you discover equipment and system solutions for your material handling and supply chain needs. With keynotes, networking, education, and product booths, ProMat is where manufacturing and supply chain innovation comes to life.

Experience 1,000 providers as they demonstrate the latest equipment and systems that will deliver the WOW to help you: Improve visibility & accelerate time to market; Reduce operating costs & increase efficiency; Streamline & automate your operations; Connect with solution providers & key thought leaders; Discover the latest technologies & innovations; and Learn the latest trends in over 100 educational sessions. 

On April 8-11, manufacturing and supply chain professionals will have an unrivaled face-to-face opportunity to network, learn, share, and get a sneak preview of where our industry is headed. For more information visit and join us at McCormick Place in Chicago.


Mentors wanted for MHEDA's Women in Industry Mentoring Program. Benefits? Gain satisfaction in sharing expertise with others and giving back to the industry. Receive honest feedback and advice in key areas such as communication and leadership skills.

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