10 Characteristics of Top Performers in Providing an Exceptional Customer Experience

Here are 10 ordinary things top performers do in an extraordinary manner:

1.      They pay attention to the customer. Top performers concentrate on the customer. They don’t work on emails, quotes or text when speaking to customers. They know one of the biggest secrets in providing an exceptional customer experience is giving the customer their undivided attention.

2.      They never interrupt the customer. Most people interrupt because they believe or think they know what the customer is going to say. When you interrupt a customer, the customer gets the impression what he or she is saying is not important.

3.      They listen when the customer interrupts. When a customer interrupts a top performer, they stop speaking and listen to the customer. This shows the customer what they are saying is important.

4.      They have outstanding manners. Top performers use please and thank you; they’re always polite and helpful. They’re always courteous and treat customers respectfully.

5.      They have a genuine interest. When a customer asks for help, top performers display an attitude that shows their commitment to help. They ask intelligent and relevant questions to help solve the customer’s problem.

6.      They understand it may not be their fault but it’s still their problem.  When a customer gives the wrong part number, orders the wrong part, provides an incorrect address or information, top performers make every effort to resolve the problem. They don’t point fingers or place blame. They focus on solving the problem.

7.      They never blame their employers. Top performers never make statements like, “They never put the right parts on my truck”… “My computer is old and slow”… or “My boss doesn’t understand how much I have to do.” They also will never use company policy as an excuse to not help a customer.

8.      They go the extra mile. Customers enjoy the special attention they receive from employees who go the extra mile to help solve problems. When employees create an enjoyable, repeatable and pleasurable customer experience it creates customers for life and sparks customer evangelism.

9.      They show empathy. Top performers show understanding, concern and appreciation for the difficulty customers are experiencing. It’s easier to build a positive relationship with customers when you show empathy to meet their needs or solve their problems.

10.  They have a positive attitude. One common trait CSS found in all top performers was they all had a positive attitude. They understood it was their decisions and not their conditions that determined their attitude. Top performers understand when they let outside factors such as traffic, problems at home, or angry customers affect their attitude they lose control. When they make a conscious decision to have a positive attitude, they’re in control.

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Jim Facente, President

Creative Sales Solutions

Jim Facente is a former dealer and founder and president of Creative Sales Solutions, a company that offers customer experience training to multiple equipment markets. CSS is the administrator of the MHEDA Customer Experience and Sales Development Program. Please send questions or comments to jim@css12.com. 



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