Adapting to Constant Change

The second quarter issue of the MHEDA Journal is upon us and many member eyes are set upon the annual Convention being held at the gorgeous JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort May 4 – May 8. And the Convention theme of “Set the Stage for What’s Next” nails what many members are thinking about and planning for.

As I began to think about what to write, I struggled to gather my thoughts and create a starting point for an interesting perspective. So, like every other modern day human being, I googled “who’s the best at setting the stage for what’s next?” I figured at the very best I’ll find some compelling message from an industry expert and I’ll be able to plagiarize a message that would be sure to create Convention-like excitement. This was not the case! I read all the potential options that popped up, covering many topics including how rock bands prepare for a great show, how stage hands should approach setting up for a play, Wikipedia’s definition of stage, ATT-Time Warner’s consolidation setting the stage for more consolidation and a Harvard Business Review’s article for setting the stage for success to name a few. That’s a pretty diverse set of viewpoints leaving me potentially as confused as where I started from. But the more I thought about it the more I began to relate.

In the age of everyday change, members are challenged with attempting to figure out the direction of change and where it’s actually going. And we all see change at different speeds, degrees and directions, which can be a blessing or a curse as we try to coordinate and plan for the future. Reacting in the moment can be chaotic, disorganized, risky and, of course, unprofitable. Therefore, trying to identify what is really next seems like being on a never ending treadmill that keeps changing speeds…we keep running but we can’t catch up even when we think we are almost there.

“Setting the stage” therefore becomes a very unique exercise…unique only in that each member can be at a different stage of adaptation. Members have different risks that they must address in order to stay competitive in the current business environment… each stage can be different. Chairman Elect Mike Wall, in planning for the Convention with MHEDA’s awesome staff, mentioned to me that he was looking to bring content that members can build upon once the Convention is over. With an outstanding lineup of speakers covering topics like an economic overview for 2019 and beyond, recruitment of the next generation of leaders, how to cope in stressful times, or taking control of your ship in achieving breakthrough performance, MHEDA offers a great and diverse variety to help you address the stage your business is in. And more importantly, it will give you tools and content to build upon and implement at your business. I look forward to seeing as many of you as I can in Phoenix and hope you share the same excitement I have to enjoy and learn during a great convention!

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