UniCarriers Americas Corporation Announces First Forklift Industry Summit

UniCarriers Americas Corporation (UCA) announced the launch of its first Forklift Industry Summit to be held October 10-12, 2018, at the Intercontinental Hotel Miami. The exclusive, three-day event kicks off with an opening reception bringing together dealers, component suppliers, aftermarket suppliers and industry experts for an opportunity to learn about the industry’s hot topics and the future of forklift material handling.

With an estimated attendance of 375 professionals, the event presents information-sharing opportunities and a chance for UniCarriers’ dealers and suppliers to network and share information for the first time in a business setting. Following the welcome reception on Wednesday, the summit features a powerhouse agenda of a keynote presentation, as well as numerous opportunities for attendees to participate in breakout sessions and roundtable discussions with influential leaders. Speakers will bring unique insight on the forklift industry, and UniCarriers will also reveal its upcoming product roadmap.

“In the past we’ve hosted separate dealer and supplier meetings, but we wanted to change things up a bit and bring everyone together in the same place for an event unlike any we’ve ever had,” said James Radous, president of UniCarriers Americas. “This would have been enough, but we decided to up our game and bring in industry experts through business and the media. The goal is for us to be industry-leading and create value for our dealers.”

Additional event details including the theme and event speakers will be released in the upcoming months leading up to the summit. To learn more about UniCarriers Americas Corporation, visit unicarriersamericas.com.

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