Sentry Protection Products Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Sentry Protection Products is proud to announce its twentieth year as a world leader in the manufacturing and marketing of impact resistant products and collision warning systems. Operations began in 1998 with the introduction of the original, patented Column Sentry® column protector designed as a solution to the repair or replacement of building columns damaged from forklift impact.

“Twenty years ago, it wasn’t easy trying to convince customers that a “plastic” column protector could minimize the force of tow motor impact on building columns and protect them from damage,” says Jim Ryan, company president. “The Column Sentry changed the way the industry looked at column protection and is still the industry leader today. That was just the beginning for Sentry.”

More award-winning solutions followed. Rack Sentry® rack protectors to protect rack uprights from damage; Concrete Wrap™, blanket protection for concrete columns; Corner Sentry™, an energy absorbing corner protector; Park Sentry® for protecting vehicles and parking structure columns and Collision Sentry®, a collision warning system designed to reduce or eliminate blind corner collisions. Most recently, Sentry introduced the Column Sentry® FIT multi-size column protector and the Rack Sentry® CONTOUR rack protector. Twenty years and thousands of installations later, Sentry is preparing for the next leg on its successful journey.

“We’re always looking at the next thing to help our customers protect their facilities, equipment and people,” continued Ryan. “The industry is constantly evolving, and we need to keep pace with the changes. Our new column Sentry FIT and Rack Sentry CONTOUR are perfect examples of that – the next generation of innovation and quality in column and rack protection.”

“We like to say that Sentry products are “Always on Guard”, added Ryan. “Like a Sentry that stands watch at the gate, Sentry products stand guard 24/7 to protect facilities, equipment and people.”

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