Increasing Accuracy While Decreasing Breakage

Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) is the second largest distributor of wine and spirits in the U.S. The company outgrew their current distribution center and built a new 242,500 square foot warehouse in the town of Ashland, Virginia. RNDC distributes over 3 million cases per year of wine. This facility processes more bottles relative to the other 18 states where the company is located, nearly double the amount of full cases. They wanted to add more automation to the DC in order to meet the requirements of their growing customer and supplier base and accommodate long term growth.

The company chose to work with DMW&H as their material handling systems integrator because they had worked with the company previously in other RNDC warehouses. To meet their throughput rates, RNDC needed to deploy state-of-the-art conveyors and sortation equipment. W&H Systems deployed several types and lengths of conveyors from Intelligrated, including the Accuglide™ Zoneflex, a zero-pressure accumulation conveyor designed to control product flow and throughput while minimizing product damage. A sliding shoe sorter from Intelligrated features a “soft touch” divert, which provides high-speed, gentle carton control and divert accuracy. A spiral conveyor from AmbaFlex saves space. W&H Systems also optimized the forward pick areas to reduce outside picks and to pick faster-moving SKUs for a more ideal picking configuration.

DMW&H Systems Shiraz Warehouse Control System (WCS) directs real-time operations within the distribution center, ensuring everything runs smoothly. It integrates with the WMS from Manhattan to maximize system throughput and performance by determining the most efficient methods for case and bottle routing. The new facility also includes sustainable design features for renewable resources as well as reduced energy consumption for water, electricity and HVAC systems.

With the top quality material handling systems implemented, RNDC increased their production capacity by 33 percent, from 1800 cases per hour (CPH) to 2400 CPH. RNDC increased order completeness and accuracy while reducing breakage.

Distributor: DMW&H
Supplier: Intelligrated, Ambaflex

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