Function Meets Aesthetics

When Allegheny Performance Plastics needed additional office space and a Quality Assurance area in a controlled environment, they had a very specific vision for the project.

"Not only did they need additional space, but they were looking for something that really popped when customers and vendors walked into their manufacturing facility," says Cranston Material Handling Senior Account Manager Greg Engelmeyer. "They weren’t going to compromise on aesthetics, rather they wanted a look that would stand out and catch their customer’s eye, as they walked through the plant."

To make their vision a reality, the plastics manufacturer contacted Starrco, who in turn contacted Cranston, a Starrco distributor.

"We met with the company’s plant manager, Shevey Westbrook, who explained that he envisioned a two-story building with a quality assurance room and for an area that was available in the back," says Engelmeyer. "He took us to the location which presented a myriad of interesting challenges. There were water lines on the back wall with valving that the company did not want to relocate, so we had to strategically locate an access panel that was removable, even though it was going to be partly obstructed by the interior drop ceiling. There were building columns and a 24-inch diameter HVAC duct overhead with which we had to contend. We also had to include an access stairway from the 2nd floor of the modular building to the storage roof of an adjacent building."

Besides the building’s existing obstacles, Allegheny had some specific design requirements.

"One of their criteria was that they needed higher than normal ceiling height on the first floor for one of their inspection machines. We were able to provide a 109 in. clear height," Engelmeyer says. "It was a challenge given the plant’s low ceiling height, but we were able to provide a two-story building that meet the customer’s requirements."

Engelmeyer continues, "We had a lot of hours of proposal and project planning time. In the end, the customer was very satisfied with the workmanship and attention to detail of the Cranston team. The final product was not only functional but aesthetically pleasing."

Cranston President, David Cranston Jr., added, "I think the whole driving force from the customer’s mindset was that he wanted a building that at the end of the day was going to look very professional. They were trying to convey an image of high quality and professionalism."

To do this, they chose aluminum facing on the wall panels giving off a nice sheen and added a ductless HVAC system minimizing air conditioning noise inside the room. They also specified windows across the entire length of both floors. These features create a positive work environment for their employees while at the same time making it a real showpiece.

Though it was a tight fit, by using every inch, Cranston was able to install a building 44 ft. long x 13 ft. wide. The bottom floor is devoted entirely to the new quality assurance area, while the second floor is divided between a common area and a manager’s office. In addition, Cranston was able to hide the storage area access stairs in their own vestibule on the back side of the building.

Though Allegheny was a new customer for Cranston, they were so impressed that they have already given Cranston additional work. The company’s unwillingness to sacrifice form for function resulted in a building that not only meets their needs, but one that provides an impressive look as you walk through the process equipment on their manufacturing floor.

Distributor: Cranston Material Handling
Supplier: Starrco

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