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February 15, 2017
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A Project Driven by Safety

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A mattress manufacturer in South Carolina was moving into a new warehouse and needed help with the planning and design of the storage inside the new facility. The company called CMH Services Territory Sales Manager Chad Bouknight who they had worked with for years. Chad began working with Bill Elliott, Engineered Systems Manager for CMH Services, to begin putting together a design. 

Timeline was very important on this project, as the customer had an outside warehouse with a lease that was expiring.

"This wasn’t necessarily a cost-driven project," says Elliott. "The customer was very safety conscious and timeline was another major deciding factor. Not that they weren’t concerned with value, but some customers are so concerned with cost that they lose sight of the qualitative objectives. That didn’t happen in this case. It was really about working with the customer to design the best solution that met his criteria and his needs."

The customer was working with a general contractor and had drawn up a preliminary rack layout. 

"We went through quite a few iterations of layouts," says Elliott. "We spent a lot of time working through various layout scenarios for them and in the end we picked the one that was best for them. There was a lot of discussion about elevations and UNARCO did a great job of helping with the engineering. They assisted with the various elevations and vertical configurations of how the customer wanted it and making sure that it met the seismic requirements. They were very helpful in the design and engineering of the rack."

Throughout the process, CMH Services worked hand-in-hand with the customer to ensure that it was exactly the right fit for the new warehouse. 

"As an engineer, I love it when customers show a real interest in getting into that detailed of a level," Elliott says. 

Part of that detailed work included as many safety additions as possible.

"One of their areas of concern was product potentially being pushed off or falling off the back of the rack," Elliott says. "We proposed various safety solutions to the client to prevent this but they weren’t keen on any of them. So as an alternative, we found a manufacturer of safety straps at MODEX this year that we felt would work for their application."

CMH worked with the manufacturer of the straps, Adrian’s Safety Solutions, to provide a sample for the customer. 

"These were essentially straps that are hooked into the tear drops in the face of the rack and cinch the product down and prevent it from falling off," says Elliott. "We showed the customer and they liked the solution so much that they wanted the entire system to have them. We ended up selling over 3,600 of these straps."

Overall more than $250,000 project took about five months to complete and included five truckloads of racking, two truckloads of wire decking and more than 3,600 safety straps. Though the work was intensive and several changes were made throughout, the final result is exactly what the customer was looking for.

"The most effective thing we did in this process was listen to the customer," says Bouknight. "From the beginning all the way through to the end, we listened to what they were looking for and did our best to make it a reality. It provided clarity for all parties and created a high level of trust. The customer was willing and open to trying new products and actively worked with us to develop the best solution. It wasn’t about selling them but helping them to solve their problem with innovative solutions."

Distributor: CMH Services
Supplier: UNARCO, Adrian’s Safety Solutions

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