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January 1, 2015
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Reconnecting With an Old Friend

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Advanced Equipment Company (Charlotte, NC) had a relationship with GE Gas Turbine in Greenville, SC, dating back 40 years. However, in recent years, AEC hadn’t done much work for the gas turbine manufacturer. So Material Handling Systems Specialist Scott Abernathy set out to reconnect with the long-time client.

"I have contacts with Spacesaver and I asked them about setting up an appointment to go in there and do a presentation," says Abernathy.

As it turned out, GE was opening a new building with very specific storage requirements.

"I went in and presented to an engineering group about our company and what we’re capable of. And I introduced Spacesaver and their ActivRAC solution and their eyes lit up," says Abernathy. "They were planning a new storage facility for their testing lab where they test these huge wind turbines. And even though the building was huge, the turbines took up of the available space which meant that they needed to store all of their other parts in just of the building."

With selective rack and 12 ft. aisles, GE’s current estimates were for 450 pallets. The more Abernathy talked about the capabilities of ActivRAC, the more intrigued the company became.

"Together with Tony Stewart and Bart Lassiter, we put together a presentation for GE that would integrate ActivRAC and they loved it," says Abernathy. "We also brought them to an actual site where we had installed a similar solution to show them what was possible. We went from 450 pallet positions to 880 in the same footprint. It was sold. Immediately, in the room. We waited for the building to be built and as soon as it was we got the green light to start."

GE was so impressed with the solution and with Scott’s team that they have commissioned AEC for an additional project of the same size since then.

"ActivRAC was a great solution to maximize their footprint," says Abernathy. "Once we were able to get in and educate the customer they knew that this was going to be a great solution for them. And none of this would have happened without our great regional manager at Spacesaver, Jeff Peters. He made the initial introduction and was instrumental throughout the whole process. It was just a great project and now a great partnership between AEC, Spacesaver and GE."

Distributor: Advance Equipment Company

Supplier: Spacesaver Corporation

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