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Forklift Tech Shortages - MHEDA Needs Your Feedback!

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Dear MHEDA Member, 
We know that many of our members are challenged with the recruitment and retention of forklift technicians and we are working on an initiative to help alleviate this problem.  Work is underway to put a program in place that will increase awareness about technician opportunities and generate more entry-level applicants for you to hire.  To bring this program to fruition, MHEDA needs your help by supplying us with your feedback as noted below.  If you are not the right person to provide us with this information, please forward this information to the appropriate individual(s).  
It is imperative that we hear from you in order to move this initiative forward. 

At MHEDA’s request, the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), the national leader in certifying individuals for front-line work in advanced manufacturing and logistics, volunteered to develop a new MSSC-certified Forklift Technician (CFT) program.  This standards-based training and certification program is designed to respond to MHEDA member needs for a pipeline of well-prepared, entry-level individuals with the skills needed to maintain, repair and service forklift trucks.  CFT Training and certification will be marketed to and administered by participating community colleges, technical schools and high schools across the U.S. 
Based upon content in the respected basic course for forklift maintenance developed by Mitsubishi-Caterpillar North America (MCFA) and with the assistance of subject matter experts recruited by MHEDA, MSSC has produced the final draft of the standards for the CFT program which MHEDA now has to validate with a cross-section of its members. Those standards are divided into two modules: 
Customer-approved Service and Repair
We are writing today to ask for your assistance in this program by providing the following:
Feedback on the Standards (Part 1 of the survey) and Feedback on Market Research (Part 2 of the survey) – For your convenience, the standards are provided in survey monkey format and you can insert any changes you may wish to suggest in the body of the standards.  There is a space at the end for any general comments you may have.   Please click on this link to access the survey.  If you have any questions about completing or transmitting these surveys, please contact Raquel Davila, MSSC Operations Manager, at this email address or by phone at 703-739-9000.   
Please respond to the survey no later than April 14.  We are convinced that this new MSSC CFT program will provide a value-added service to our members. Thank you for your cooperation. Your MHEDA contact on this initiative is Liz Richards, MHEDA CEO who can be reached at or at 847-680-3500. 


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